Here are things you can consider when creating UI design :

1. Shadow

Not to make you avoid using shadow. everybody also really like shadow, by using shadow, an element looks very prominent.

But before you decide to use shadow, you should first check with the developer. Is it possible to use shadow? If possible, you can use shadow.

But if you can’t use shadow because of technical constraints, for example, don’t force it to design using shadow.

Alternatively, you can use the border first if indeed the goal is to separate the elements from the background. Or make the background darker

2. Border is too thin, barely visible

Minimalist and clean design is becoming a trend. That makes designers try to always make clean designs. Even if a border is needed, the border will be made as subtle as possible, so it looks clean.

Actually the subtle border will make it difficult for users to separate content when viewing it. Like the example below.

Clean design is very desirable, but besides that there is user comfort that must be considered.

3. When making a confirmation dialog. Don’t make all CTA buttons look the same.

If the context is to give confirmation in a flow. (For example: File Download Flow, Order Flow, Flow filling Data), then the button that guides the user to proceed to the next flow should be made clearer.

Because by making the button look the same it will make the user think for a while to look for the button to continue to the next flow.

4. Don’t make the form fill too long.

Forms that are too long on one page will make the user a little scared. So if it is possible to make it into several pages then do it.

By making the flow of data filling into several pages there will be a kind of “Sense of achievement” that makes the user comfortable to proceed to the next page because it knows how many steps to go through.

And if there is an error in inputting, the user will also be faster to fix it.

5. Don’t forget to make feedback

Feedback referred to here is the next thing that happens after the user has done an operation. For example: Upload Photos. Uploading photos takes time to upload to the server, so users are required to wait.

If after the user selects a photo and there is no feedback at all, the user will be confused. They will ask what happened? What to do? Has the photo been uploaded?

When creating a design don’t forget to always make feedback, especially if there are conditions where the user is required to wait.



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