Yogyakarta – The 2018 Open Coder Open Competition (TCO2018) held in August this year is one of the prestigious events for UI / UX designers. TCO 2018 this time was held at the Royal Ambarukmo Hotel, with 252 participants from all over Indonesia and the world. Top Coder is a leading communication site in the field of graphic design, application development and data processing.

One of Agensip’s designers, Laude Pirera won several categories in the Competition, he said that in this competition the participants were asked to make a UI / UX design that was used as a solution to the problems for the application from Manulife.

“This year’s TCO competition participants must make a complete and more complex application design from the brief problems that exist,” Laude said.

As the winner of the Rapid UX category following a few tips from Laude in undergoing the Top Coder competition;

  1. To be a winner in the Top Coder competition, the design made must take into account the best UX aspects.
  2. Then, the flow of the application must be appropriate and clear with the brief.
  3. In addition, it must have artificial intelligence features that can be the user’s personal assistant.

Well, that was a few tips from Laude, he hoped that what he had done could inspire other designers and could provide great benefits for all.

In this 2018 TCO Laude wins 3rd place Rapid UX (RUX) Challenge # 2 gets USD $ 50, then 1st place Rapid UX (RUX) challenge # 3 and gets USD $ 200 and 4th place main event gets USD $ 500.


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