Yogyakarta – Finally, Top Coder held the Top Coder Open (TCO) this year (2018)! Which was held at the Royal Ambarukmo Hotel. TCO was held for two days on 11 – 12 August 2018. On this occasion, Top Coder brings client John Hancock from Manulife insurance company. Top Coder Open is an annual competition organized by Top Coder. Meanwhile, Top Coder is a leading communication site in the field of graphic design, application development and data processing. In this event there are many series of events such as; design workshops featuring adroc, design competitions, gifts, and some surprises! The program also allows you to mingle with other Topcoder members in your area, learning from the best. One of the unique things about this competition is that participants are asked to provide solutions to manulife problems into the application. “We, participants must provide solutions from UI / UX design within 1 hour. For the first day there are 2 Rapid UX (RUX) events. Then 1 RUX program on the second day, then continued with the main challenge, the designer is given 3 hours to complete the design application, “said Afif Bimantara, CEO of Agensip. On that occasion Afif won the UI Design category, the result of Indonesia’s representation in the 2018 TCO Final in Dallas, United States. Afif also won the 1st place Rapid UX (RUX) Challenge # 1 and earned USD $ 100, and 3rd place Rapid UX (RUX) Challenge # 3 and earned USD $ 100.  

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